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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Governor candidate Bill Bradbury say Measures 66 and 67 should be repealed

Portland Monthly recently had a Q & A with Bill Bradbury, who is running as a Democrat for Oregon governor. Despite his reputation for being the most left leaning of the candidate, Bradbury recognizes that the tax increases of Measures 66 and 67 are hurting Oregon's business environment.

Forbes: After Measures 66 and 67, we’ve given up the ability to do all the reform that needs to be done. There’s no trust.

Bradbury: I wish 66 and 67 were temporary.

Chambers: How are you going to keep businesses and individuals from leaving Oregon because of 66 and 67? Some are already planning to.

Bradbury: I think you need to repeal 66 and 67. That’s a huge challenge given the fiscal situation. But, frankly, I think 11 percent is a pretty high income tax. Let me be clear, I’m not proposing repeal. But I’d certainly look at it if we have serious impacts from the increase. I don’t think it’s sustainable.

Peppler: Keep in mind that part of the deal with the Oregon Business Alliance was that the members would agree to the temporary business tax and then we would help fund the campaign for kicker reform. Unfortunately, it was rejected out of hand by the legislative majority.

Bradbury: When you have the business community coming to the legislature, saying, “We recognize the need; we’re willing to pay our fair share,” my advice would be, go for it. Come out with a remarkable coalition. That’s the role of the governor.

UPDATE: Bradbury backtracks on his recorded statement and claims he misspoke about repealing the tax measures. His new campaign slogan: I was for the taxes before I was against the taxes, but now I'm for the taxes.

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